BCCMA Taijiquan/Taijijian Xingyiquan Judges Training Course


Sunday 6th October 2019
Dan Tien Centre, Harebreaks
Watford, WD24 6NJ

This course examines the rules that will be used at the IWUF Taijiquan 4rd World Championships in Italy 2020, and teach judging criteria for traditional and compulsory Taijiquan/Taijijian Xingyiquan routines (forms, Taolu) and how to apply them fairly and objectively.

It is intended for those who already have a deep understanding of traditional/compulsory routines, for example heads of association, experienced instructors, those who have spent a long time involved with Taijiquan.

All those who perform successfully on the course will be invited to judge at the BCCMA 4th National Taijiquan Championships 3rd November routines competition.

Those who do so successfully will be awarded the BCCMA’s Official Taijiquan routines judging certificate and invited to judge at subsequent competitions.

This course will take place once a year in advance of the competition. Its purpose is to train judges for the competition although it is still possible to attend the course and not judge at the competition.

The course involves a thorough analysis and explanation of all aspects of the rules with discussion and demonstration.

In this respect it is extremely useful for instructors wishing to properly prepare their students for the competition.”

This Course is free of charge to BCCMA Members

Lecturer: Peter Warr
President BCCMA
Vice Chairman IWUF Technical Committee
Contact 07885 646365 email: warrpeterwarr@aol.com