Soon They – Committee Support


Soon Tuan They- European Grading & Schools Syllabus role-out Officer Soon Tuan They began his training in martial arts in 1965 with Crane Style Kung Fu. He developed his Taolu Wushu under the instruction and guidance of Peter Warr from 1992, and in 1998 he went on to become the European Competition Head Judge for Taolu. Alongside the instruction for Taolu he commenced the development of Sanda from Bob Weatherall’s Sanda teaching.

In 2004 Soon Tuan They passed the examination to become an IWUF (International Wushu Federation) “A” grade Taolu Judge placed 1st in Europe and 7th in the world. Further more with hard work and dedication in 2008 he also passed the examination to become an IWUF “A” grade Sanda Judge. In 2006 he participated in the formulation of the syllabus of the EGS (European Wushu Grading System) on behalf of the EWUF (European Wushu Federation) and in 2007 was appointed by the EWUF as the EGS syllabus lecturer for the Wushu Federation of Turkey.

Wushu training not only helps us (especially our children), to develop greater self-discipline, focus and self-esteem but also improves confidence. The EGS syllabus is a standardised grading syllabus that will be taught throughout Europe (and comes from EWUF the highest Authority) with the fundamental aim to help promote Wushu more effectively in each of the European member countries. It is hoped that the European Wushu Grading System can be run in parallel with any of the BCCMA members existing systems.

Here in the UK we hope that this standardised grading syllabus can also be introduced successfully into schools and other relevant government departments so that our society can reap the rewards and benefit from this truly special gift.