Stewart Beckett – Vice Chair & International Competitions

Stewart Beckett started Traditional Martial Arts Training with Omar El-Kinany in 1988, and started Competition Wushu Training with Soon Tuan They in 1997. Further to this he started training in Pa Chi, Mantis and Pi Kua with Master Ng Choong Fua in 1998 and has been accepted as one of the 12 Pa Chi 8th generation Disciples in the UK.

Stewart has held the post of being British and European Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallist. In 2003 he Qualified as an IWUF Wushu judge and in 2006 became European Head Wushu Judge. Stewart was selected to represent the UK as an IWUF appointed judge at the Beijing Wushu Olympic Competition in 2008 and the World Games in 2009.

In 2008, he was also appointed as a member of the EWUF Taolu and Judge commissions, responsible for administering and recording the judges and referees of all the EWUF member Nations. In 2009 he was promoted to the Chairman of the EWUF Judges Commission.

In order to share his knowledge gained from competition and judging, he joined the Chen Wu Kuan Wushu Coach Team in 2009.

As a Microsoft System Consultant he has found that Wushu training has not just benefited him physically but also academically in his career pursuits. However he believes that to advance and improve in Wushu at the expense of education is not advisable. He hopes to organise BCCMA events with the intention that our junior members are able to continue training and competing with little effect when they move on to their college and university education. He also wants BCCMA competitions to be a source of motivation for its participants, keeping them training with their club, and stopping them from dropping out of Wushu.