16th World WuShu Championships

In November 2023, the city of Dallas became the epicentre of martial arts excellence as it played host to the 16th World Wushu Championships organised by International Wushu Federation.

This prestigious event brought together elite athletes from around the globe, showcasing their skills, discipline, and dedication to the art of Wushu, Modern Taolu and Sanda.

Today, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our exceptional Wushu athletes who not only represented us on the international stage but also made us immensely proud on a global level.

Placing top 10 in their categories:

Sam Mak – Wushu Taolu 4th Place in Men’s Jianshu
Sam Mak – Wushu Taolu 6th Place in Men’s Qiangshu
Joshua Villar – Wushu Sanda 5th Place in Men’s 80 KG
Kristian Andonov – Wushu Sanda 5th Place in Men’s 90 KG


While celebrating the achievement of those who clinched top 10 positions, we must also take a moment to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of every athlete who graced the stage. Our other athletes, shone brightly, leaving an indelible mark on the competition and making us proud:

Steve Coleman 
Huicong Liu
Zac Ladkin
Ashleigh Wykes


Behind every successful athlete is a dedicated team of coaches, trainers, and supporters. We extend our deepest gratitude to the mentors who guided our athletes through rigorous training regimens, instilling in them the values of discipline and perseverance.

Coach Mike Donoghue – Modern Taolu

Coach Paniko Evagorou – Wushu Sanda

Coach Nick Evagorou – Wushu Sanda

For a detailed look at the results, 16th WWC_Result Book by Country