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The BCCMA was set up in accordance with the UK Sports Council’s guidelines in 1973 and was granted Sports Council Recognised Governing Body status in 1980. It is representing over 10,000 members across all of the major disiplines of Chinese Martial Arts. Its Constitution sets out the Organisational make up and management structure, with an elected Executive and Mangement Committee who are directly responsible to its members via a Member Council which meet at least once a year at an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members have the right to dissolve the 9 man Executive Committee and 4 man Management Committee at any time giving due regard to the time requirements and process of the constitution.


To qualify for membership to the BCCMA you must first fulfil the following prerequisites…

1. Your association/organisation must be situated within the United Kingdom, or have schools that are.

2. You must have at least 1 student and 1 instructor.

3. Must be practising as Authentic Chinese based system.

4. All members to have student membership through the Governing Body.

5. All instructors to have instructor membership through the Governing Body.

6. Adhere to Safe Teaching practice – implemented or are working towards a Coach education programme. (Being a good practitioner does not necessarily mean that you are a good or knowledgeable coach. Body dynamics, philosophy and physiology of safe stretching, legal requirements, safety, abuse etc.) Coach education programmes are available through the Governing Body for assistant coach through Club Coach to National Coach levels, and are available as Governing Body awards or Professional National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ).

7. Must be committed to continuous improvement for the development of Chinese Martial Arts.

8. Commit to sending a representative to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

9. Have implemented or are working towards fulfilling statutory requirements for Equal opportunities.

10. Fulfill the technical requirements.


1. Accepted as being an Authentic Chinese System.

2. Reassurance to the general public; accepted as having fulfilled technical and safety requirements. People wishing to take up Chinese Martial Arts have the guarantee that member organisations meet all of the necessary health and safety standards and that their system, teaching and techniques are of genuine Chinese origin.

3. As a member of a Sports Council recognised Governing Body, you will have easier access to Local Authority Sports Centre facilities.

4. Access to Governing Body Coach Education Programme – coaching manuals and supporting documentation.

5. Access to National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in Chinese Martial Arts at beneficial rates.

6. Access to courses – seminars by National and Internationally recognised masters/authorities.

7. Arbitration for the settlement of disputes. The BCCMA offer an arbitration service to help settle disputes between member and non-member organisations where possible. Act as an advisory body on all matters appertaining to the practice of Chinese Martial Arts.

8. Entry to Governing Body National Championships and chance of selection to National Team to represent the U.K. at European and World Championships. (Modern Wushu Taolu and Full Contact Sanshou events).

9. Opportunity to take part in National and/or International IWUF judging or refereeing courses.

10. Opportunity to be part of the policy making body or policy decision process.

11. Opportunity to develop inter club, inter style relationships.

12. Free advertising for your clubs or events on the BCCMA web site.

13. National database of clubs and associations held by the secretary with published lists to prospective new students in your area.

14. Monthly News Bulletins – information letter.