9th WKFC – Note from General Secretary

9th World KungFu Championships, Note from General Secretary.

RE: 9th World KungFu Championships – Emeishan, China (23rd Aug – 28th August 2023)
We would like to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude and heartfelt
congratulations to our Traditional WuShu Athletes for their outstanding representation of the Great Britain Traditional WuShu team at the 9th World KungFu Championships in China.
Their unwavering hard work and dedication have not only showcased their remarkable skills but also exemplified the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.
Our Traditional WuShu team has brought honour and pride to our nation, and we are
immensely grateful for their tireless efforts.
Our team’s performance has not only left a lasting impression on the competition but has
also inspired countless individuals, both within our team and across the nation.
Once again, thank you all for your exceptional contribution. Your commitment to the sport
and your representation of Great Britain have left an indelible mark on the Traditional WuShu community. We look forward to witnessing more of your extraordinary achievements in the future.

Athlete name Category Medals
Junayde Ilhan Guven Men’s Cha Quan – Group C Gold
Junayde Ilhan Guven Men’s Jiujie Bian – Group C Bronze
Michele Maki Nakasone Women’s Other Barehand Routine – Group E/F Gold
Michele Maki Nakasone Women’s Other Single Weapon Routine – Group E/F Bronze
Jack William Caldicott Men’s Baji Quan – Group C Gold
Jack William Caldicott Men’s Shuang Dao – Group C Bronze
Myrsini Chionia Christodoulelli Woman’s Shanzi – Group D Bronze
Lilly May Wright Woman’s Shaolin Quan – Group C Bronze
Daniel John Joseph Shaw-Abulafia Men’s Gun – Group D Bronze
Cam’Ron Yiu Fung Tsang Men’s Other Nanquan Routine – Group D Bronze
Ashleigh Nicola Jade Wykes Woman’s Gun – Group D Bronze
Matthew Carleton Wright Men’s Shaolin Quan Group C Bronze
Devante Darnell-Hazel Men’s Dao – Group D Bronze
Devante Darnell-Hazel Men’s Shaolin Quan – Group D Bronze
Dominik Xinyang Liu Men’s Cha Quan – Group C Bronze
Dominik Xinyang Liu Men’s Jian  – Group C Bronze
Patricia Jacob Woman’s Dao – Group D Bronze


Paniko Evagorou
General Secretary


🌐 9th World Championships-General Secretary