BCCMA Competitions 2022 (Update).

Hertfordshire Sports Village, Hatfield.

Sun.  July 24th.  Adult Sanda and Qingda
Youth Sanda  15 to 17 years
Adult Sanda  18 to 40 years
Adult Qingda 18 to 50 years


Sat. Oct 22ndTraditional and Modern Taolu
Allestree Woodlands School, Derby,  DE22 2LW


Sat.  Nov  5th.   Junior / Youth Qingda and Shuai jiao (Chinese Wrestling – Adult + Youth)

Sun.  Nov  6th.  Tai Chi and Tuishou (Pushing Hands)

(Some of our new Medal Ribbons ready for our new 2022 Champions)
BCCMA Medal ribbons