BCCMA Covid September 2020 Update

Click to download PDF version of BCCMA COVID UPDATE 24 SEPT 2020

Dear Member,
This is an update summary of the BCCMA Covid 19 Safe practices Policy. Along with the new Government guidelines that came into effect on 24th Sept 2020.
There is some confusion with the term ‘Team Sports’. The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have not yet approved martial arts as a Team Sport.
*A team sport includes any sport which involves two or more players working together towards a shared objective’, therefore no competitions or fight events.
Our Safer Return to Chinese Martial Arts guidelines as individual sports remain unchanged for England
Members from Scotland and Wales will need to comply with their NGB guidelines.
A Risk Assessment must be completed listing precautions below

• All students and instructors should be made aware of social distance guidelines
• All equipment to be sanitized prior to use.

• Hand sanitizer to be used on the way in and on leaving the training hall min alcohol 60%

• No parents will be allowed to enter or stay in the training hall

• One entrance in, separate entrance out, where only one entrance is available a floor divider can be used with social distancing measures

• Students to come ready for lessons

• No toilets to be used for changing, if toilets are used, hands must be thoroughly washed.

• Students who show any signs of high temperature, cough or breathing difficulties should be sent home
• Registers to be kept of each session for 21 days in case any student proves positive to the virus and NHS test and trace needs to be applied

• Students will be pointed to their designated area and they are not to leave it until the lesson has finished.

• Students must maintain 2 metres apart at all times, including queuing to enter and whilst leaving.

• Any student that sweats and droplets fall to floor these areas need to be cleaned with anti- bacterial floor wipes

• No refreshments to be available; each student must bring their own water bottle and only 1 bag into the training venue
Lesson structure
• Classes should be formatted so to maintain social distancing example:

• Nothing to be passed between student to student or student and instructor

• Any activities which involve contact between participants or contact with equipment that would contravene social distancing guidance such as pad work should not go ahead.

• Non-contact only

• Training structure can include, fitness and stretching exercises, forms / routines practice, punching drills, kicking drills and shadow fighting. Sanda instructors who use shadow boxing may need to extend to a 3m sq. for the movement required in shadow boxing.

• All instructors will remain 2 metres away from students, instructors may not adjust the student’s posture but must maintain social distance of 2m
• Appropriate indoor footwear must be worn during training

• First aid guidelines stay unchanged

BCCMA Management Committee