Tai Chi Masters from China

Tai Chi Masters from China, to help in promoting exercise for healthy living.


China is sponsoring a team of top masters of Tai Chi, expert in Chen, Yang, and Wu style to enhance the promotion of Tai Chi in the UK.

The courses will be at the Wutan Martial Arts Centre, 119 St. Mary’s Road Southampton SO14 0BL

Dates and Times:

Tuesday                     27th October  9-3pm 24 , 42 Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword

Wednesday                28th October 9-3pm Chen style Tai Chi

Thursday                    29th October 9-3pm Wu style Tai Chi

Friday                          30th October 9-3pm Hsing I

Fee £50/per day (Free for Instructor if three of their members pay by 7th Oct)

Payment to:  account name: Wutan International

account sort code: 40-42-19

account number : 61366580

Reference :”You Club name” in the payment

(The contribution of these fees and hiring funds will be made to sponsor to BCCMA Team)

If your club is interested in these course but unable to make the journey to Southampton you can hire one of these coaches to come and teach in your school for £600 per day, and any profit you make from them can be used to promote and invest in your own club. Please email: sthey888@aol.com or

call SoonThey 07734 169 259 to Book your place.

Chen Style Master

Professor Wang, is one of China’s National Coaches, He is ranked

in China’s top ten martial arts instructors Professor Wang is a

Professor at Guangzhou Physical Education University.

Former Chinese National Team Head Coach;

Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony director;

He has won over 60 gold medals in international competitions,

and his students have also won over 100 international competitions

gold medals.

He was a contributing composer of the international Tai Chi,

Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Fan Competition Routines;


Master Liu Wei, is the Vice president of the

Beijing Wu style Taijiquan Association and expert in

Wu style Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Bagua.

He is the Disciple of:

Master.  Luo Dacheng in xingyiquan

Master   Li Bingci Wu style Taijiquan

Master  Wang Shixiang soon Bagua, xingyiquan

Under strict guidance from these three famous

martial artists, Liu Wei won over 30 gold medals in

China and Internationally in Tai Chi Chuan competition

and was the Chinese Tai Chi World championship

team coach in 2014.