DBS Certificate Upload and Update service consent

DBS Certificate Upload Consent and Privacy

As part of the BCCMA DBS check process, once you receive your DBS certificate via the post you are required to upload and send us a copy to complete the process.

If you have applied for the Government DBS update service (The BCCMA strongly recommends you do so), you can also provide us consent to use this service to keep your DBS up to date rather than applying for a new DBS check each year (This can save you time and money!)

1. You consent to:

  • Your certificate and Data submitted to the BCCMA will be stored by us according to statutory requirements.
  • Your DBS certificate will be stored by the BCCMA on UK servers and encrypted during transfer and storage.
  • To keep your DBS certificate in date, your data will be transferred to other organisations in order to carry out the checks required.
  • If your update service subscription expires or new information is available on your record you will be required to get a new DBS check/certificate.
  • You can find out more information about the Government DBS update service on our site here or via the Government website
  • Government DBS update service - REGISTER HERE
I understand the above and consent to the data processing for your DBS