DBS Check ID Document Routes

DBS Check Applicant Consent

The BCCMA offers a DBS checking service to members who are engaged in frequent or regular contact with children and vulnerable adults in their martial arts setting. The service will enable members to obtain a DBS enhanced check. This is the DBS you will need as an instructor to teach Chinese Martial Arts. We will collect verification data from you in order to get your DBS, so what will we do with that data.

You consent to:

  • Data submitted to the BCCMA will be stored for the minimal amount of time appropriate to process your request.
  • Personal data specific to your DBS check will be stored by the BCCMA on UK servers and encrypted during transfer and storage.
  • To complete your requested DBS check, your data will be transferred to other organisations in order to carry out the checks required.
  • Once your DBS check has been completed all your data will be deleted.
  • The timescale for a DBS check is 8 – 10 weeks.
  • To complete a DBS check, a government standard Identification check must be performed and requires certain documents as proof in an Image or PDF standard to upload.
  • Only the applicant can apply for their DBS check, you cannot apply on behalf of someone else
  • It’s a criminal offence to submit incorrect information.
  • Fee £65 for our enhanced DBS check including checks of the Children and Adult barring list
I understand the above and consent to the data processing for your DBS