Gavin King – Equality & Diversity

Gavin King started his martial arts journey in childhood, training in Karate at his father’s dojo and achieving a 2nd dan rank by his early twenties. His real-world experience as a doorman in Essex’s nightclubs deepened his interest in the practical aspects of martial arts.
In his mid-twenties, Gavin met Steve Rowe and began training in Yang Style Taijiquan and Kung Fu. This expanded his understanding of martial arts to include philosophical, meditative, and health dimensions. He also completed a four-year program at the British School of Shiatsu, becoming a certified practitioner and starting his own practice.
Transitioning from a career in IT, Gavin became a full-time martial arts instructor in 2010 and opened the Rochford Martial Arts Academy in 2011. The academy offers a variety of disciplines including Taijiquan, Sanda, Kung Fu, and Chinese Swordsmanship.
Gavin’s passion for Chinese Swordsmanship was ignited after attending a seminar with Scott Rodell. He has since focused on the Michuan branch of the Yang style Taijiquan. In 2020, alongside Rodell Laoshi, Gavin started the Academy of Chinese Swordsmanship, an international organization promoting full-contact historical Chinese Swordsmanship globally.   The Academy now has practitioners in across the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.