BCCMA Taijiquan/Taijijian Xingyiquan Judges Training Course

- August 1, 2019

BCCMA TAIJIQUAN/TAIJIJIAN XINGYIQUAN JUDGES TRAINING COURSE Sunday 6th October 2019 Dan Tien Centre, Harebreaks Watford, WD24 6NJ This course examines the rules that will be used at the IWUF Taijiquan 4rd World Championships in Italy 2020, and teach judging criteria for traditional and compulsory Taijiquan/Taijijian Xingyiquan routines (forms, Taolu) and how to apply them fairly … Continue reading BCCMA Taijiquan/Taijijian Xingyiquan Judges Training Course

Competition Photos

- July 13, 2019

We have some amazing pictures of the recent British Open Taolu Championships and National Senior Sparring Championships available to view and purchase. Click the two links below to have a look. Open Taolu Championships: Click here for gallery of this event National Senior Sparring Championships: click here for gallery of this event


- February 4, 2019

The AGM this year will be on the 25th May @14.00. We aim to finish around 17.00 The venue will be: Imperial Hotel, Senate Room 61-66 Russell Square London WC1B 5BB


- August 8, 2018

BCCMA SANDA CUP 2018 We would like to invite you to our first edition of the BCCMA SANDA CUP 2018. This event is an addition to our events in promoting the best in British Sanda and will be held annually. Our first event will be held on Saturday 8 December 2018 at the K2 Leisure … Continue reading BCCMA SANDA CUP 2018

BCCMA Taolu Judging Course

- June 3, 2018

This course is open to all members and non-members of the BCCMA aged 18 years or above who have knowledge and experience of Taolu. Please book your place on the system by midnight 31/08/18. The course will be theory and practical with video judging practice. It will be based on the 2005 IWUF taolu rules … Continue reading BCCMA Taolu Judging Course